What Should You Keep In Mind When Wall Mounting a TV

You have finally bought a TV that suits your needs. However, the story does not end there. You also need to install the TV properly to enjoy the best viewing experience. If you make a mistake in the installation process, you might ruin your TV or your viewing experience. So, let’s take a look at some important tips for installing your TV.

Choosing the location: The first thing you should decide is where to place your TV. The location should match the size of your TV and the distance from where you will sit. You can either mount your TV on the wall or put it on a TV stand. If you have limited space, wall mounting is a good option.

Right Angle: The next thing you need to consider is the angle of your TV. When you are sitting, you should select a spot that is at eye level. You can use the TV box, after taking out the TV, as a dummy to test the placement and angle. Make sure you don’t have to strain or twist your neck while watching TV.

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Mind the glare: This is something that many people forget while installing their TVs. It might be too late by the time they recognize it. If you have a light source (natural or artificial) near your TV, make sure it doesn’t fall directly on the screen, which could cause a glare. It affects the viewing experience.

Test the wall strength: This might not be a big issue as long as you use the right brackets to mount your TV on the wall. You can also choose wall mounts that allow you to tilt or swivel your TV to some degree. While this gives you more flexibility in adjusting the viewing angles, make sure that the mount is secure.

Watch the level: A slightly crooked or misaligned installation will annoy you every time you watch your TV. Watching the level to correctly install a TV is more important if you are wall-mounting it. If you are simply placing it on a stand, you can adjust the level later, but it’s better to do it right the first time.

Mind the cables: If you care about aesthetics, then you need to plan how you will hide the cables out of sight for a cleaner and neater installation. This also means having long enough cables that reach the power outlets.

Other accessories: Even if you don’t buy other accessories, a sound bar is a must because most TVs have poor sound quality. You need to plan how you will connect and place all the other accessories. It may be a sound system, headphones, or any other entertainment system around your TV with a seamless look.

Installing a TV on a wall might seem simple, but it requires skill and experience. A bad installation can damage your wall or cause your TV to fall off. That’s why it’s smart to contact “TV Installation Service” by Climax AV after buying your new TV.

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