Rotary Type Outdoor Speaker Volume Control 100 Watts RMS

$99.99 CAD

This outdoor speaker volume controller is weatherproof, specifically designed for outdoor usage. 

This is a rotary-type wall plate volume control for speaker systems with power ratings of up to 100 watts per channel and impedance ratings of 4 to 8 ohms. This rotary control can be set to one of twelve positions, including the minimum (off) and maximum volume settings.

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Input2 channels, 100 watts per channel
Output2 channels, 4 to 16 ohms impedance matching
Frequency Response35 Hz to 20 kHz (+0/-2 db) at rated power
Wire gauge14 to 16 AWG
MaterialPlastic ABS
When setting up the speaker volume controls, it is important to match the impedance of your speaker system with the load rating of your amplifier. This is done by setting the jumpers on the volume control to compensate for the number of speakers you have in a parallel configuration and the impedance level of the speakers.
If using a single pair of speakers rated at the same load level as your amplifier, you don’t need to make any changes – just leave the jumper in the default x1 position. However, if your speakers are of a different impedance level and/or you have more than one set of speakers in parallel, please refer to the following chart as a guide for setting the jumpers on the speaker volume control.
Impedance Correction Chart
Jumper Setting /
# of Speaker Pairs
4 ohm speakers2 ohms2 pairs4 pairs8 pairs16 pairs
4 ohms1 pair2 pairs4 pairs8 pairs
8 ohmsn/a1 pair2 pairs4 pairs
8 ohm speakers2 ohms4 pairs8 pairs16 pairs32 pairs
4 ohms2 pairs4 pairs8 pairs16 pairs
8 ohms1 pair2 pairs4 pairs8 pair
16 ohm speakers2 ohms8 pairs16 pairs32 pairs64 pairs
4 ohms4 pairs8 pairs16 pairs32 pairs
8 ohms2 pairs4 pairs8 pair16 pairs
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