Modular Type Infrared IR Repeater Distribution Block with Power Supply

$40.00 CAD

This IR repeater distribution block connects to – IR receiver (Sold separately), IR emitter (Sold separately)to receive and relay IR signals to control your audio / video equipments with infrared sensors. This is NOT a complete kit. It requires IR receiver & IR emitter.

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Remote Control Repeater kit contains all equipment necessary to remotely operate 4 components (expandable to 12 components) using your standard remotes. Mount the IR receiver in a central location and connect to the IR Distribution Block. This block repeats the signals through emitters to your electronic components.
Your components may now be mounted in your entertainment center, closet or another room! The Kit is self contained and easy to connect.

Simple to use

  • Controls 4 devices (expandable to maximum of 12) *** May not be able to control some devices / components ***
  • IR Receiver and IR Repeater have blinking Blue LED to confirm receipt of IR Signal
  • IR Repeater designed for shelf or wall mount


  • IR Receiver (Dimension: 2-1/4”(L) x 1/2”(W) x 1/2”(H))
  • 9’ cable attached for connection to IR Repeater
  • IR receiver has blue LED to confirm receipt of IR signal
  • IR Repeater Block (Dimensions: 2-1/2”(L) x 2-1/4”(W) x 1”(H))
  • Requires 12VDC (Adapter Included)
  • Emitters
  • Dual Emitter “Y” Cable
  • Overall length is 9’. Final 3’ may be separated

Kit Contains:

  • IR Distribution Block
  • Mini IR Receiver
  • 2 Dual IR Emitters
  • AC/DC Adapter
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