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DataComm 45-0001-WH Cable Pass through Single Gang Recessed Wall Plate

$8.00 CAD

Datacomm 45-0001 White Single gang Recessed low voltage cable pass through wall plate. Multiple lines can be passed through a single plate allowing you to mix and match while eliminating the need to have multiple plates spread out across your wall.

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With these new plates you can install low voltage cables directly behind your flat panel TV, amplifier/home theater receiver, or other audio/video devices.

Hole opening on face is 1 5/16" w x 1 15/16" h
*The color indicated can vary in tone and/or hue between production runs and manufacturing facilities.  The color of this item may not be an exact match to any other product, even if they are indicated as being the same color. Individual pieces may also vary very slightly in color from each other.

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