8.2 Surround Sound Distribution Banana Plug Wall Plate – 3 Gang

$89.99 CAD

8.2 surround sound distribution wall plate. 8 Pairs of Banana Plug Binding posts for: front-left, front-right, side-left, side-right, rear-left, rear-right, 1 pair for the front center speaker and 1 pair for the rear center speaker. Plus 2 RCA jacks for 2 subwoofers.

This plate works with standard banana plugs, spades & bare speaker wires.

Utilizing 8.2 channel home theatre sound distribution banana plug wall plate provides organized, labeled, easy to connect wire management solution with final finish that looks very professional. 

Please Note: The subwoofer connections are RCA connectors on front and back (coupler type). 

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Includes 3-gang white plate with 8 pairs binding posts for 8 speakers.
Allocates 8 pairs of the binding posts with 3 pairs for the left side, 3 pairs for the right side, and 2 pairs for the center.
Includes 2 RCA jacks for 2 subwoofers.
Installs in a NEMA 3-gang box (not included).
Comes with all necessary screws.
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