Projector & Screen Installation Service

Home Theater & Office Projector Installations

Projector Installation Service

TV Installation Service offers Projector & Projector Screen installation services for Residential & Commercial environment in Toronto GTA. Specifically, we install projectors & projector screens  for home theater as well as for Office and Boardroom in commercial buildings. 

Projector installation requires careful planning to get the job done right the first time. Therefore on-site assessment is usually required to see the layout, take measurements of the room & the wall where the screen will be installed. 

Projector Installation
Projector Installation Service

Projector Throw Distance

Projector needs to be installed at a certain distance from the screen and every model has different throw distance requirements. There are 3 types of projectors; Ultra Short Throw, Short Throw & Normal Throw.

We will calculate the throw distance based on the size of your projector screen & the specific model of your projector. In some cases, projector cannot be mounted centered to the screen due to various reasons. After mounting the projector, we will calibrate the video by adjusting focus, vertical & horizontal keystone and using lens shift (if applicable) to make necessary corrections to fit the image onto the projector screen.

Projector Installation For Home Theater

Projector Installation for Home Theater

Whether you’re looking to build a man-cave or a home theater room you’ve always dreamed of, we’ve got you covered. We can design & install your entire home theater system from start to finish. We can work with your existing home theater speakers & components or we can provide suggestions based on the layout and size of your home theater room.

Projector Installation For Office

Projector installation service for office

Projector installation in Office or Boardroom of a commercial building usually involves working with tiled / drop ceilings. So it requires either building support above the drop ceiling or using special projector mounts that are designed to be installed in tiled ceiling. We can safely build the support & provide necessary parts to complete the job.

Projector Screen Installation Service

There are mainly 4 popular types of projector screens; Tensioned Fixed Screen, Tensioned Motorized Screen, Motorized Screen & Manual Pull-Down Screen. No matter what type of screen you have, we can install your projector screen to properly line up with your projector.

If you are looking to purchase a projector screen, we highly recommend buying a Tensioned Screen, whether it’s fixed or motorized with gain between 1 to 1.3 in most cases. If you buy a good quality Tensioned Projector Screen, it will eliminate almost all (if not all) waves and any curling effect on the screen which prevents image distortion from the projected image. Alternatively, you can also paint your wall with projection screen paint and wrap the edges with either black velvet or black velour fabric to absorb any over-scanned lighting.

Projector Screen Installation Service

We Install All Types of Projector Screens

Tensioned Fixed Projector Screen


Tensioned fixed projector screen tensioned by all 4 sides to keep the screen flat without any waves or curling effect. It’s best to find one that is is surrounded by black velvet fabric material to absorb any image that spills over outside of the screen area.

Tensioned motorized projector screen installation


Tensioned motorized projector screen is also tensioned by all 4 sides like the tensioned fixed screen. And when the projector is not in use, it can rolled backup by either using the remote or it could be triggered by projector.

Motorized Projector screen installation


Regular motorized projector screen is tensioned by top & bottom only. So it’s possible to have a wave on the screen or or curling by the side edges of the screen. Regular motorized screen could also be rolled up using the remote or triggered by projector.

Manual Pull-down Projector Screen Installation


Manual pull-down projector screen is only tensioned by top & bottom. It’s possible for waves on the screen & curling effect by the side edges of the screen. You would have to get up out of the couch to pull the screen down or to roll it up manually.

Wire Concealment Options for Projector Installation

Projector wire concealment in-wall & in-ceiling


Requires Power Outlet by the Projector

This option requires a power outlet by the projector location as power cords are not considered as low-voltage cable so it cannot be buried in the ceiling or the wall. Low-voltage cables such as HDMI can be fished through the ceiling & through the wall.

Projector wire concealment with wire raceway


Budget Friendly

You can hide both power cord & HDMI cable enclosed in wire raceway against the surface of the ceiling and the wall. Raceway runs from the projector location all the way to the components area for Video & power connection.

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