Full Motion TV Wall Mounts

Full-Motion / Articulating TV Wall Mounts give you the most control to adjust viewing angles; Swivels left to right and Tilt up & down. Full motion mounts are ideal for a large room or a hall so no matter where you are, you can position your TV to watch it without compromising on viewing quality.
FYI: There are some things to consider when choosing full-motion wall mounts. Since articulating wall mount brackets are designed for “bracket arms” to extend out, therefore you need to know if the structure of your wall is feasible to support the weight when your TV is pulled away from the wall. When the weight of the TV is pulled away from the wall, the center of gravity changes. So you need to make sure that the wall plate portion of the articulating wall mount bracket is properly attached to the wall using the correct bolts & anchors depending on the structure of your wall. Articulating wall mount brackets are recommended for walls with wooden studs, concrete walls & brick walls. However, it is not impossible to mount it on a drywall with metal studs as long as you are using the correct anchor and the TV is not too heavy. There are structural differences for every building type. Such as walls in most modern houses & townhomes are built with 2″ x 4″ wooden studs that are usually 16″ apart. While most condos & apartments are built with combinations of concrete walls and also drywall with metal studs inside, usually 16″ apart. For condos & apartments, you can simply knock on the walls to determine if it’s concrete wall or drywall with metal studs. Concrete walls will sound solid and drywall with metal studs will sound hollow. You can also use a high quality stud finder to check if you have one.

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