How to Choose the Best TV Installation Company



When you see bunch of positive reviews online of any company – You probably assume they must be doing everything right. Right? Well… Not necessarily in this industry.

You’ll be surprised to know how many unethical TV installation companies there are in Toronto GTA who are doing things against building code by either misguiding you or not telling you the whole truths. And the SCARIEST PART is that some of these dishonest companies have acquired lots of positive (5 star reviews) on popular review sites like Google, HomeStars & other review websites. So someone like you could easily become a victim of this unethical practice by choosing a company simply based on the number of reviews they have. How did this happen? – Unfortunately, that’s because most of those customers are unaware of what these rogue companies have done to their home.

If you’re looking for a TV installation company, chances are, you probably want them to hide cables as well. But when it comes to hiding cables, unethical companies will tell you that they can hide all the cables in the wall INCLUDING Power Cords. – Well, that’s actually against the building code, so professional installers should never suggest that. But many rogue companies won’t tell you this. 

The reason why we know this is because those customers who call around to get a quote from every company in Toronto and by the time they reach us, they tell us that they’ve been told by other companies that “power cords can be hidden in the wall and everyone does it, so it’s Okay”. If you’ve been told that, they are LYING to you.


So, why do so many of these dishonest companies (even companies with so many 5 star ratings) misguide customers with wrong information? – Sadly, we can guess why: Hiding power cord for your wall mounted TV compliant to building code requires having a power outlet installed behind the TV. So that TV power cord is plugged into a power outlet hidden behind the TV, NOT hidden in the wall. That means, there will be cost increase for the customer in most cases. Which means possibility of losing potential customer who’s shopping around for the lowest price. So we’re guessing that’s why they’re misinforming you just to get your business unethically.

Only Low-Voltage Cables such as HDMI, Ethernet & Coax cables that are made of fire-retardant materials such as FT4/CMR (Riser) or FT6/CMP (Plenum) are allowed to be hidden in the wall.

Any Power Cords such as; TV Power Cord, Soundbar Power Cord, Power cords from cable box, blu-ray player, game consoles are considered as fire hazards & that’s why they’re not allowed to be hidden in the wall by the building code. And you will never find an in-wall fire-rated power cords in the market because they don’t exist.

If you don’t want to spend extra money hiding wires in the wall which requires having a power outlet dedicated for the TV then you might want to consider hiding cables with wire raceway which still makes the TV installation look very neat and it will be budget friendly.

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