How to Choose the Best TV Installation Company

Read this BEFORE You Hire Anyone to wall mount your television



When you see bunch of positive reviews online of any company – You probably assume that they must be doing everything right – Right? – Well, not necessarily in this industry (specifically in Toronto, ON).

SCARIEST PART – is that some of these dishonest companies have managed to acquire lots of positive (5 star reviews) on popular review sites like Google, HomeStars & others. So someone like you could easily become a victim of this unethical practice by choosing a company simply based on the number of reviews they have.

How did this happen? – Sadly, that’s because most of those customers (if not all) are unaware of what those shady companies have done to their homes as they’re writing 5 star reviews for them (when in fact, those shady companies should be getting 1 star or 0 star if it was possible for doing things against building codes). The issue is because customers wouldn’t know what is or isn’t compliant to building codes. And most people judge simply by aesthetics to price ratio instead & likely leaving rave reviews for the lowest prices (not knowing what’s missing).

WHY? – What should I be concerned about anyway?

You’ll be surprised to know how many unethical TV installation companies there are in Toronto GTA who are doing things against the building code by either misguiding you or not telling you the whole truths.

If you’re looking for a company who offers TV wall mounting service, chances are, you probably want them to hide cables in the wall as well for a clean look. But when it comes to hiding cables, unethical companies will tell you that they can HIDE ALL THE CABLES IN THE WALL INCLUDING POWER CORDS <—- THIS IS A BIG RED FLAG!!!

Well, hiding power cords in the wall is actually against the building code, as it’s considered as fire hazard. So, as professional installers, they should never suggest that. But surprisingly, so many dishonest TV installation companies in Toronto GTA won’t tell you this or the full truths.

FYI: Only Low-Voltage Cables such as HDMI, Ethernet & Coax cables that are made of fire-retardant materials such as FT4/CMR (Riser) or FT6/CMP (Plenum) are allowed to be hidden in the wall.

How do we know about this?

The reason why we know this, is because there are a lot of people who call around to get the lowest price quote from every TV installation company in Toronto. And by the time they reach us for a quote and ask why our price is higher than others, we explain to them what needs to be done to do things the right way that complies to building codes. Doing things the right way, often does cost little more to meet code compliance. And this is a necessary cost, not an up-sell for some unnecessary luxury.

This is when we hear from these customers that they’ve been told by other companies that “power cords can be hidden in the wall and everyone does it, so it’s Okay”. – If you’ve been told that, they are LYING to you.

Why these companies give you misleading information in the first place?

The answer to that question simply comes from GREED. Many of these bargain hunters will turn around and call someone else for better price if you give them a price higher than what they’re given from other companies. Many customers who call around for the best prices are often not doing their full research. Only focused on looking for a company who simply offers the lowest prices, not realizing what’s included (or not included) in their service cost. Remember the old saying: “You get what you pay for” – couldn’t be any more true.

Most customers don’t have an existing electrical outlet that’s available at the height where the TV will be installed (usually, only recently built newer homes & recently renovated homes would have an electrical outlet dedicated for the TV up high on the wall – if it was planned ahead).

That means, there will be an added cost to the customer for a new power outlet installation behind the TV in addition to TV wall mounting service which might scare off the bargain hunter or potential customer. In turn, instead of explaining why they need this, many of them simply just don’t even mention anything about it and tell you that they’ll hide all their cables in the wall (bypassing the building code) which puts customers in potential danger.

Tip: If you don’t have an existing power outlet for your TV & want to avoid spending extra money hiding wires in the wall, you might want to consider hiding cables with wire raceway on the wall instead, which still makes the TV installation look very neat and it will be budget friendly.

Important questions to ask before hiring a TV Installation Company

  1. What does your price include specifically (itemized)?
  2. How will you hide the power cord for my TV when fishing other cables in the wall?
  3. Does your work comply to the building codes? 
  4. Will you provide an itemized invoice?

Quantity vs Quality of services

While many of these unethical companies go for high Quantity of customers by offering lower prices (meaning bypassing building codes) to capture a broader market, we are STRICTLY FOCUSED on providing QUALITY services at fair prices instead by informing the customer the right information, right way of doing things and actually following the building codes, even if it means losing few customers along the way.

Want a peace of mind?

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