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TV Installation Service offers Home Theater Installation & Troubleshooting Services in Toronto GTA. If you’re looking for Custom Installers for Home Theater & Multi-Room Audio, you’ve come to the right place. 

We do it all – From concealed wiring, surround sound speaker installation, home theater system setup / configuration & sound calibration. We also install Multi-Zone / Whole Home Audio Systems such as Sonos, Bose systems with Architectural Speakers. 

First, we’ll come visit your home for on-site assessment to visually inspect the room. Which includes assessing the layout for wiring & component placements. And take photos & measurements of the room to build the system that suits the space. And then we’ll make suggestions on system design & installation based on the layout of your home theater room & budget you want to work with.

Why Choose Us?

Dolby Atmos Home Theater Installation Service

Dolby Atmos home theater became the most desirable choice for modern home theater setup in recent years. We’ll design & build the home theater system that you’ve dreamed about and make it a reality. 

Dolby Atmos Home Theater Installation Service
Dolby Atmos Home Theater Installation Service



Dolby Atmos is the latest surround sound digital format that is designed to give you 3 dimensional sound. To simply put it, you’re surrounded by dome of speakers around you & over you from front to back.

The best example to help you imagine what it would sound like is if you picture yourself watching a scene in a movie that you see a helicopter flying by you. You will hear the helicopter rumbling sound from front channel, to ceiling (Atmos overhead speakers) and then the rear channel speakers, thus creating a 3 Dimensional sound giving you virtual experience of being there in the movie scene.

What’s different about the Dolby Atmos setup compared to old traditional 5.1ch or 7.1ch surround sound format is that the Dolby Atmos system adds the Height speakers or the Upward firing speakers. Dolby Atmos’s minimum requirement is the 5.1.2 setup. The last digit (2) represents the number of Atmos Height speakers. If you have a 5.1.2 system, that means there are 5 speakers for front & rear (3 front & 2 rear speakers), 1 sub-woofer and 2 Atmos speakers. So, if you have 5.1.4 setup then there would be 4 Atmos speakers. For Atmos speakers, it is recommended to use in-ceiling speakers for direct down-firing but you could also use upward firing speakers to reflect the sound off the ceiling to give you similar effect.


Home Theater Speaker Installation Services

Home Theater In-Wall Speaker Installation


If you are looking for the most discreet look, choosing in-wall speakers will be the best option for you. These speakers are ideal for front & rear channels. This option is only for walls with enough cavity such as drywall and 2×4 studs in a Modern house or Townhome. FYI: In most condos, the wall cavity is usually too shallow for most in-wall speakers to be installed flush against the wall.

Home Theater In-Ceiling Speaker Installation


In-ceiling speakers are ideal to be used for Dolby Atmos overhead speakers, rear channel surrounds & for multi-zone / whole home audio systems in bedrooms, game room, living room, kitchen, etc…. This option is only for ceilings with cavity such as drywall in a Modern house or Townhome. FYI: In most condos, ceilings are usually concrete so in-ceiling speakers cannot be installed.

Home Theater Installation with Tower Speakers


Floor standing Tower speakers pack the hardest punch out of all types of speakers simply because of their size allowing bigger & more speakers to fit in their housing. Most tower speakers can put out all 3 major notes; highs, mids & bass.

Home Theater Installation with Bookshelf Speakers


Bookshelf speakers comes in all shapes and sizes and can pack a pretty hard punch like the tower speakers. They can be placed on a component stand below the TV or on bookshelf speakerstands. And these speakers can also provide highs, mids & lows.

Home Theater Installation with Tower & Bookshelf Speakers


If you’re an Audiophile, using combination of tower & bookshelf speakers could be a perfect setup to satisfy your ears. You can use pair of floor standing tower speakers for front LR & a bookshelf speaker for front center & additional bookshelf speakers for the surrounds to suit your taste for sound quality and appearance.

Home Theater Installation with Satellite Speakers


Minimal look next to in-wall / in-ceiling speakers. Satellite speakers are generally small in size but they can still deliver very good quality sounds in their small housing such as Bose Acoustimass systems. Most satellite speakers put out highs & mids only and no bass. But subwoofer can fill in the void of the missing lows.

Home Theater Wiring Service

Home Theater System Wiring with Banana Plugs


Add a touch of elegance to your home theater system. We can supply & install Banana Plugs for your speaker wires for clean professional finish. Using banana plugs also prevents loose strands of speaker wires touching each other, which can potentially short out a circuit causing permanent damage to your expensive home theater receiver. It also makes it easier to plug and unplug from the back of your receiver or from the banana plug wall plate.

Custom Wall Plate Installation for Home Theater System


We can supply & install custom AV wall plates for just about any kind of connections for clean & organized appearance. These include – HDMI, Coax, RCA, Cat5e / Cat6 Ethernet, Toslink Optical, Subwoofer & etc… Did you know that HDMI cable connectors are very fragile and easy to break? Having an HDMI wall plate installed helps prevent damage to the main cable running from your TV to your Home theater receiver.

Custom Installation Service

Custom Installation of Cabinet Fan for Home Theater System


Custom cabinet fans are necessary for components that are hidden in closed spaces like inside of a cabinet. Otherwise, heat will get trapped inside and components will over heat and eventually they will fail much sooner than their expected life span. We can provide you with custom cabinet fans and install them methodically.

Custom Cabinet Fan Smart Thermostat Installation for Home Theater Components


We highly recommend using Smart thermostat control panel with the cabinet fan to control the fan speed automatically. You can set the “trigger” temperature so that fan will kick in automatically if the temperature reaches to certain level. That way, the fans don’t have to run 24/7 if your components are not running.

Custom Cabinet Fan Installation for AV Components
Custom Cabinet Fan Installation for AV Components
Home Theater Components Setup & Configuration
Home Theater Components Setup & Configuration
Hiding Home Theater Components Out of Sight
Hiding Home Theater Components Out of Sight
Full Custom Home Theater Installation
Full Custom Home Theater Installation

Harmony Remote Programming Service

Harmony Remote Programming Service


Logitech Harmony makes the best universal remotes hands down. We can program Harmony remote to control all your components and create “Activities” for One-Click launch of all your devices. Harmony Pro is the best version of all Harmony remotes. Harmony Pro is almost identical to Harmony Elite but it comes with extra Harmony Precision IR Blasters and 2 year warranty. Harmony Pro is not sold in stores. It’s only available through CI (Custom Installers) like ourselves. We are an Authorized Logitech Dealer. Buy with confidence!

Setting Up Harmony Hub for AV Components Hidden Out of Sight


Harmony Hub can control components that are hidden out of sight. It can also control devices that communicates via Bluetooth only like the PlayStation remote for example. It can also control components over IP like Roku media players. You can also link the Harmony Hub to your smart speakers like Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant to control your components by voice. You can say commands like “Alexa, turn on Netflix” and it will turn on your TV, sound system and then launches the Netflix app. It’s pretty cool & adds convenience.

Harmony Mini IR Blasters for Additional Components


Harmony mini IR (Infrared) blaster is basically an “extension” of the Harmony Hub. For example, if the Harmony Hub is sitting inside a closed cabinet, IR signals won’t reach the TV. That’s when these mini IR blasters come in handy so you can attach it to the Harmony Hub and place the mini IR blaster by the TV so the Harmony hub relays the IR signals to the mini IR blasters and sends the signals to the TV. Alternatively, Harmony Remote itself can also be assigned to control the TV from its own IR. But it’s best to rely on only Harmony Hub & Mini IR Blasters so you don’t have to point the remote towards the TV when starting an activity.

Installing Harmony Pro Precision IR Blasters


Harmony Precision IR Blasters only comes with the Harmony Pro version. They are very useful in situations where some devices share the same or similar IR frequency range. The Precision IR blasters allows you to isolate the IR signal to each device by attaching the IR blaster precisely onto the IR sensor on each device and cover it with the adhesive rubber caps that are included with these IR blasters. And then each Precision IR Blaster cable can be assigned to send IR signal from only certain ports on the Harmony Hub. This way, it prevents IR signal pollution and devices sharing same frequencies won’t be interrupted.

Multi-zone audio system installation service

Listen to music throughout your entire home with the latest modern whole home / multi-room audio system such as Bose or Sonos. We’ll setup an app on your smart phone and/or tablet so you can control your whole home audio with ease.

Modern multi-zone audio systems require either hard-wired internet connection or strong & stable WiFi signal to work smoothly. If you have weak Wifi signal, we can also install mesh WiFi system throughout your home to increase the strength & stability of your signal. See our networking services.

Bose Multi-Zone Home Audio System Installation Service

Bose Multi-Zone Audio System

Illustration above shows 4 x Bose Soundtouch SA-3 Amplifiers installed in a central location of a house that powers Architectural in-ceiling speakers throughout the house & backyard.

Sonos Multi-Zone Home Audio System Installation Service

Sonos Multi-Zone Audio System

Illustration above shows multiple Sonos Amps connected with impedance matching speaker selectors to combine 2 pairs of speakers into 1 zone in larger areas of the home.

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