Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to wall mount my TV?

The cost for TV wall mount installation service starts from $120 & up - depends on several factors;

  • The size & weight of your TV - whether it takes 2 men installation or just one person
  • Structure of the wall in your residence / building - e.g. Drywall with Wood Studs, Plaster Wall, Drywall with Metal Studs, Concrete Wall, Brick Wall, Custom Wall such as Marble, Granite, Tiled, Stone & etc...
  • Wiring - Whether in-wall wire concealment or on-wall with wire raceway

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How do you hide wires for TV mounted over fireplace?

There are couple of ways to hide wires for wall mounted TV over fireplace.

  1. If basement is unfinished - We can fish cables down through the wall to the basement and fish cables back up to where your components will be placed.
  2. If basement is finished or there's no basement - It will most likely cutting into drywall to fish cables horizontally across the wall through the studs. We can put the same pieces of drywall back on the wall and give it an initial coat of drywall compound.
Can you hide cables in any wall?

Wires can only be hidden in walls with cavity such as Drywall & Wooden studs, Drywall & Metal studs, Interior Plaster wall with wooden studs.

Wires cannot be hidden in solid walls such as concrete or brick. 

Does your service come with any warranty?

Yes, we offer 1 year warranty against any workmanship we provide. We are insured with $2,000,000 liability coverage for both residential & commercial. 

Do I need to "Re-enforce" the wall to wall mount my TV on Drywall with Metal Studs?

"Re-enforcing" the wall is not necessary. There are special hardware designed specifically for mounting heavy objects against drywall with metal studs which we carry on us all the time. 

Can you safely wall mount a TV against Drywall with Metal Studs?

Yes, we can safely install your TV against drywall with metal studs. Drywall with metal studs is common in Condos, Lofts, Apartments & Commercial Buildings. However, heavier TVs should not be installed using Articulating / Full motion wall mount bracket as the weight shifts away from the TV when the arm is extended out causing more stress on the wall. Either Tilting or Fixed wall mount can be used to install any size TV.

What methods of payment do you accept?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Company Cheque, Interac e-Transfer & Cash.